CREST Assembly

“Learning is the ladder that leads to every possibility”.

 The school conducted CREST Assembly where in the students of grade I ,II and III shared Poems, Stories , dance , songs and their abilities.

Students of Grade I & III learnt about the Land of Dragons- China. They greeted everyone in Chinese Language. They shared the story of Ancient Chinese Calendar through an Enactment. The Food, Culture and Festivals of China came alive in the campus of the school. Children gave a message to preserve the endangered species of Giant Panda in China.

Students of Grade II displayed their learning about the Land of Rising Sun – Japan . The show laid a special emphasis on the life of a Sumo Wrestler. The Ikebana , Origami art of Japan was presented by students in an enchanting demonstration. Japanese folk tale – MOMOTARO was enacted by the students to exhibit the   life of a Samurai.

The presentation included the Songs of China and Japan. The show culminated with a mesmerising Dragon Dance and Japanese Dance on world famous “Cherry Blossom”.

The audience were enthralled to get a bucketful of information and their journey to China and Japan with our little guides. Dr. Rupali Saini, Principal appreciated the efforts of students and teachers. She shared importance of the role of parents and teachers in the students’ life and how the present curriculum in the school provides ample opportunities for Learning , Exploring and Displaying the  talents of an individual.