Celebrated Mathematics Day

Numbers are everywhere in our life. So let’s have fun with numbers.

To keep the love for Mathematics intact and provide learning opportunity beyond books, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana celebrated Mathematics Day to mark the  birth anniversary of the great Mathematician Dr. S. Ramanujan- “The man who knew infinity”on 21st  December 2018 which is celebrated as  National Mathematics Day throughout the world. The students had a fun filled day while learning Maths through various games and activities. They were brimmed with joy while attempting all the games and activities planned for them. Five different stations were prepared after the names of five Indian Mathematician and hands-on activities related to mathematics were performed.

The students enjoyed doing various activities Learning Beyond Classroom Slides and Ladder, Hoola Hoop Clock, Multiplication Squares, Maths Maze, Ball in the Court and activities- learning from Peer. Jigsaw Puzzle, Fractional Flag, Manage the Time, Mr. Popsicle Sticks, my sweet home and take away crafts related to different topics were made by students which they carried home. It was certainly a day of learning while playing, because Mathematics is not about numbers, equations or computations, it’s all about understanding.