Career Counseling Workshop by Mindler

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organised a Career Counselling workshop by Mindler for parents, teachers and the students of Grade VIII- X. Mr. Prikshit Dhanda an eminent career counsellor, was the resource person for the day.

Mr. Prikshit started the session reiterating the importance of knowing one’s potential and subject of interest before making a decision. He emphasized on the importance of making informed decisions. The session aimed at making the audience aware of the multiple career options available. He also shared information regarding leading universities and various courses available.

He urged the students not to make decisions based on family expectations and peer pressure. He guided students to identify their interests and to plan multiple activities during their vacations to hone their skills. Thereafter, he started an interactive session with the students asking their aims and aspirations in life. The students participated enthusiastically in it. They were guided for various career options which they can opt for, like career in aviation engineering, business management, commercial designing, public relations, medicines, food technology etc. Mr. Prikshit mainly emphasized on “Focus on your direction rather than degrees”.  The session was informative and enriching for students as well as parents.