Activity on ‘Freaky Polygons’

Learning shapes is an important precursor skill for both Numeracy and Literacy. Shapes come into play when students learn geometry.

At Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana, we focus on joyful learning and lay stress upon making shapes a salient attribute of the objects in children’s environment. With this thought, a one-week activity was planned for the students of Nursery and KG classes, wherein children learned about Freaky Polygons. Different types of Polygon shapes were beautifully displayed in the classrooms. Children were shown various videos related to Polygons and they also enjoyed singing rhymes on various shapes during the entire activity.

The little ones were given Robotic Polygon Colouring Worksheet which gave them an opportunity to lay their hands on learning and incorporated skills such as concentration, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination along with incorporation of the concept of Freaky Polygons.. The students were full of enthusiasm for the entire week program that helped them to identify and discover shapes around them.

We at MRIS, Ludhiana aim to help and teach our children the art of problem solving and develop observational skills to affirm their understanding of dimensional structures.