Toddlers Bubbly Breakfast

‘One of the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents’.

Little Toddlers of MRIS-51, Gurugram experienced parent child bonding through “Toddlers Bubbly Breakfast”. Parents of little ones joined them for fun races and breakfast session. It goes without saying: Playing with your child holds its own intrinsic joy, regardless of the activity. Full participation of the parents with the child supports bonding, language, and movement development through great fun and play. Keeping this thought and theme in mind, MRIS-51 planned the “Bubbly Breakfast” for the little ones with their family. It was not just a simple breakfast but was full of fun, laughter, games, flavour of love and togetherness. The highlighted activities of the day were CIRCLE TIME, FUN RACES – fruit race, lemon race, and POTLUCK FUN with family. Children and parents enjoyed fun races a lot. Parents revisited their childhood while playing with their little ones.

Having food together during the POTLUCK FUN was a great experience for parents, kids and teachers too. It brought smiles on everyone’s faces looking at the delighted kids. Master Chef Parents of our little ones brought one favourite dish of their ward and shared it with each others. Students relished the yummy food. It was fun watching Moms and Dads as they were involved in the rhyme sessions, games and hands-on activities with little toddlers.

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