Students enjoyed outing at Surajgarh Farms

“Every outing is a learning experience”

Picnics and outings are a way to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves and provide us with an opportunity to reverberate enthusiasm and positivity. The students of MRIS-51, Gurugram explored the simplicity of the countryside through a visit to Surajgarh Farms.

During the visit, the students enjoyed performing different activities. They were excited to see the activities which were aimed at life lessons, team building and confidence. It was decorated with local art & craft, and was a fun-filled outing where the students along with their teachers experienced genuine rural and cultural heritage. The students enjoyed activities like camel cart ride, bullock cart and tractor ride. Equally fascinating was an exposure to the long forgotten traditional games like Kanche Goli, lattoo, pithoo, gulel, kite flying to name a few. The students also enjoyed   Air Gun, Dart Shooting, Trampoline, Tug of War, Burma Bridge etc. Scrumptious food and foot tapping music in the DJ area made the visit a memorable one.  It was truly a wonderful experience and learning for lifetime.