Special Sessions on ‘International Day of Girl Child’

‘Let me live, let me bloom
Let me shine like a beautiful moon
Yeah , I am an endangered species in this earth
because I am murdered before my birth.’

We at MRIS-51 Gurugram, feel the need to inculcate empathy in our students by discussing their roles and expectations as a #responsiblecitizen. To sensitize them about the current state of girl child, ‘InternationalDayofGirlChild’ was observed at the school on 11th October 2018.

The students were shown a glimpse of the current state of girl child through a video followed by a brainstorming session, invoking their thoughts about the issue. They made posters, pamphlets and flyers to spread the word about basic rights of a girl child starting from the right to live. The discussion and activity touched and invoked the empathetic side of every child bringing in the hope of a bright and safe future for the girl child.