Students Won Accolades at Inter-School Competitions

“While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it”

Students of MRIS-51, Gurugram participated enthusiastically in various Inter-School Competitions held in different schools in the month of August and have accolades in different categories. Students participated in ‘Xavenium’; ‘Shalom Conclave’; ‘India Calling’ and many more.

The award tally for the Month of August 2018 is as follows:

  1. Taesha Dhawan of Grade I-C won second prize in ‘Dollies Galore’- Craft Attack.
  2. Bhavik Kocchhar, Natasha Marwah, and Mehak Nagpal of Grade III won third prize in ‘Mime Time’- Acting Skills.
  3. Rudra Dahiya, Kabir Chandock, Navya, Rayaan Singh Lingwal, Alankrita, Divya Goel, Ananya Mehta, Angad Bansal, Samavna of Grade I-II won second Prize in ‘Choir Poem Recitation’ on ‘Values’.
  4. Yash Mishra and Aarav Sharma of VB won Ist Prize in ‘Spellathon’.
  5. Shrestha Chaudary of III-D and Advay of IV-A won Ist Prize in ‘Craft-O-Mania’.
  6. Daksh Kalia, Rida Arora, Ishi Wason, Khushboo Sharma, Soumil Agarwal, Yuvraj Sharma of Grade V and Prakram Singh, Nandini Singhal, Atharv Bhatt, Ambreen Gill of Grade VI won a special mention in the category of ‘Poem Recitation’.