Makershala @MRIS-46, Gurugram

The Vision

The vision of Makershala at MRIS-46 is to evolve education by teaching through learning experiences that generate the attitude of problem-solving, innovation and sustainability in new generation.

The Mission

Corresponds to the thought that making is converting imagination into reality. Children will learn by innovating solutions for real-life problems and help them bring up daily-life innovation.

Makershala is a community-based ecosystem that facilitates and promotes Innovation-Based Learning in MRIS-46. The program enables students to develop a scientific temperament and innovation mindset by working collaboratively on STEM based activities and real-life projects. While working on these projects, students learn to use the latest tools such as 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Electronics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and many more which help them explore their interest in various areas of design and technology.
The program is implemented in a dedicated digital fabrication lab, MAKERSHALA equipped with low and high tech tools which students access as a part of their curriculum and also work after school hours on their projects. Engineering Design Process and Design Thinking lays the foundation of the entire program. The program follows a progression which allows each student to take the control of their learning by taking up challenges and developing at their pace.

Makershala also enables students to participate in various national and international avenues such World Robotics Olympiad, First Lego League, Google Science Fair, Inspire Awards, F1 for schools etc. where they get recognized & rewarded for their skills and ideas.

Makershala has made ‘Innovation’ a part of its curriculum from a very early age. The Makershala at MRIS-46 has been facilitating or helping students live their dream and shape and enhance their experiences at each stage. The school provides an opportunity to the children to live their dream career for a day by evolving and working upon each student through Life Skills, Digital technology, etc. Various activities are organized that train and entertain their mind while adding up to their achievements.

Our students and teachers put together projects or ideas that have the potential of bringing about a positive change in society.

Makershala at MRIS-46 is a continuously evolving program that provides an opportunity for students to learn new skills and apply knowledge to solve real-life problems. It is a program based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) which provides an opportunity for students to learn new skills and apply knowledge to solve real-life problems. While working on these projects students work collaboratively, manage time and resources, think critically and creatively which are the skills needed in the modern workplaces. Students who are interested in robotics, 3D printing, IOT, drones work on their own projects. 

Primary School

Our tech junkies are always super excited for Makershala, as Makershala educators approach ‘The 5E model’ into Makershala lab to help students build a strong foundation of knowledge through active participation. The AIM of Makershala is to motivate them to learn, and guide them towards skill development. The 5E model focuses on allowing kids to understand concept over time through a series of phases. These phases include Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

Throughout the year, kids explore various STEM concepts by performing various activities. During the class, kids learn the conceptual knowledge, engage and connect real world stories with their learning, and in next phase they build the activity and verify the concept. The whole curriculum is divided into sessions and each session covers detailed explanation of one specialized area; for instance, Simple machines, Shapes and colors, Natural disaster, Basics of electronics, and Soil management. Each session is further divided into five classes, where four classes with different classroom activities and fifth class will be a maker session, in which kids create the final project which will be combination of four class knowledge.

Our educators are always open to help for kids projects, and to motivate kids for various innovative projects, we encourage kids to involve in Maker Expo event, where kids work on various hands-on projects and enhance their technical knowledge. By working on these projects kids develop scientific temperament. Also, kids take part in various robotics competition like WRO (World Robotics Olympiad) and MakeX Robotics competition which teach them life learning skills. 

Middle School & Senior School

Makershala is a place where kids enhance their imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. At Makershala, we are motivating kids to involve and work in challenge based learning system, in which they focus on real-world problems and analyse the situation and find out the possible solution which are helpful for society development.

In Makershala, kids get hands-on experience of mechanical tools, electric components, 3D printing machines and Robotics-based learning hands-on work as a part of their curriculum. At the end, kids will develop the technical knowledge and innovative thinking.

We introduce the Electronics curriculum from Grade 6 onwards which develops their knowledge base for electronics projects. Kids explore the Basics of electronics components with physical computing and Machine learning. In addition to that, kids take part in 3D modelling, which boosts their imagination power and creative thinking. 3D modelling curriculum teaches the kids from 2D world to 3D world, which involves all the parts of 3D modelling like 2D sketching, 2D to 3D conversion and engineering drawing. This allows kids to bring their imaginary ideas in to reality.

After the 3D modelling, they start working on Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Physical computing. By this, they develop the technical knowledge, project design thinking and programming knowledge. By working on various real-world problems and society problems, they learn to think for some innovative solutions which are helpful for society development. 

Competitions to Nurture Technical Skills

Also, during the academic year kids take part in the various robotics based competitions like WRO (World Robotics Olympiad), FLL (First Lego League), and MakeX Robotics Championship. In which our tech junkies represented INDIA in FLL North American  championship at California USA in May 2019, also represented school at national level in the WRO(world Robotics Olympiad) and MAKEX Robotics Competition.  

To encourage kids to showcase their creativity and innovation, Makershala organized MAKER’s Expo event. In which kids presented various projects based on sustainable city, renewable energy sources, real-world society problems, water conservation and future robotics projects. During the Expo, more than 150 parents took part in the exhibition and appreciated kids for their excellent technical work.