Ten-day Supergeek Summer Camp

With a vision to fulfill the dream of Skill India, Technoplanet Labs act as a platform where young minds can give shape to their ideas and learn innovation skills. Techno planet Lab is a collaborative space for students and educators, provided with all the digital and physical resources to bring subjects to life and make learning quite a fun. Manav Rachna International School, Sector-46, Gurugram organised a SUPERGEEK Summer Camp for the MRIS and non MRIS students in collaboration with Techno Planet Lab.

A 10-day rapid learning course from 21st-30th May was organised to keep the students abreast with the knowledge of latest tools and techniques in Electronics and Mechanics, and in Games & Web Designing. Each student worked on a project during which they explored science and mathematics concepts which helped them develop an engineering approach.The projects were made on topics like prototyping, 3D design, Coding, Circuit designing, Game play physics and embedded programming. The objective of the camp was to foster curiosity, creativity, spark imagination and inculcate technical skills such as design mindset, and computational thinking.

2018-05-31T10:29:30+05:30May 31st, 2018|Latest @ MRIS Gurugram Sector 46|