Tazurba: The teacher of all things

Inspiring the students to lead a life full of beautiful experiences is what Tazurba aims at. These sessions enrich the lives of our children and help them learn from the personal episodes that the personalities invited, share. It also reiterates our vision of ‘learning beyond books’.

Aditya Singhal, a qualified chartered accountant by profession and a numismatic enthusiast by passion, was kind enough to share his Tazurba with the children. A panel of four children from grade VII interviewed Mr. Singhal on his life, his family, his passion and profession.

When asked if he had to struggle in his journey and was the family supportive enough, he added, “Family has been the pillar of strength throughout and that we should never underestimate its worth.” Children also got to know many interesting facts about the history of Indian currency. The audience, which comprised of children right from grade III to grade VII, were equally enthusiastic and participated in the session. Mr. Singhal also won the attention of the children by putting on display, few of his prized coins and notes from across the globe. He reiterated the importance of enjoying small things in life and making it profound. He persuaded others to be more of coins and less of credit. After all ‘Coin collectors aren’t afraid of change.’