Students of Grade X & XII enjoyed camping trip to Mussoorie

It is rightly said that the best way to learn about the outdoors and nature is to experience it, and that is what the students of Grade X and XII of MRIS-46 Gurugram did during their adventurous and fun-filled four day (25th-28th April) camping trip to Mussoorie. Rightly called Camp Quail, after the very famous Quail bird found in the region, the camp hosted 123 students along with their mentors. Activities like trekking, stream running, rock climbing, rappelling, creating music and raft making, to name a few, kept the students busy. Storytelling, singing and dancing filled the evenings after a long day.

Away from the humdrum of the city life and gadgets, children and their mentors got the opportunity to bond, and enjoy nature and outdoors in all its glory.

The camp was organised by Team Rocksport leaving children craving for more after the three days were over.

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