Internship  at Neofusion Creative Foundation

‘To reach out and touch lives is the best way to establish connections’.

A group of empaths of Grade IX to XII from  MRIS-46, Gurugram worked very closely with the young children of the Neofusion Creative Foundation, as mentors and interns, from June 1-14, 2019.

Neofusion is a nationally certified non-profit organization, which commenced working with the underprivileged adolescents through art and education to create awareness about opportunities and skills that can be acquired to make a living and life skills.

The young interns took on group teaching and counselling within small groups of the children enrolled with the Foundation. They thought of and implemented various teaching strategies to teach the children in innovative ways. They established an excellent rapport with these enthusiastic learners who emphatically, agreed that they would love to have all the ‘Didis’ and ‘Bhaiyyas’, to come back and teach them once again.

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