“Think out of the box and create a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content.”

The quote came alive when the virtual classrooms of Foundation Stage of MRIS-46, Gurugram were buzzing with dialogues and songs in their first online SPECTRUM. The virtual platform aided to enhance the confidence and speaking skills of each child. Collaborative performances generated a team spirit too. Students of Toddlers, Nursery and KG showcased their learning from the first two CREST themes, Big project, Soft skills and displayed the integration between learning areas. The energy of the little ones was contagious as they spoke and performed with great zeal and vigor, leaving the audience in awe of an online theme assembly.

Toddlers in their creative colourful costumes and attractive props spoke about “ME, Myself and I” and “Dressing up”. Students of Nursery showcased their learning of the Sense Organs with vivid description using attractive cutouts and sang beautifully to describe the Plant kingdom. In the theme “Wonders of Nature”, Kindergartners spoke about Animals and Plants. They showcased their learning with various props and colourful costumes. The children spread the message to become responsible citizens as they shared various ways to save Water, Electricity and Paper in our daily lives.

The Spectrum concluded with a beautiful finale dance performance and parents were thanked for their tireless efforts and co operation to make it a great success .