Dress-up Activity under CREST for Nursery Students 

In accordance with the ongoing CREST theme “This is me”, Nursery children of MRIS-46 Gurugram followed their tradition and dressed up in colorful traditional attire. They wore Bengali Sarees, Lehenga Choli with Borla and Mang Tika, Salwar suit, etc. Boys looked handsome in Kurta Pyjama and even carried Dhol.

The activity also enhanced spoken skills as the children spoke about the state to which they belong and their favorite food. They sang their traditional songs in the regional language and danced on the folk songs. The virtual screen looked tempting as the parents shared the traditional savory and sweets. Through the activity, children learned that all the states have their own regional language and India’s diversity is not only in its multi-religious and multi-lingual people but also in the vast varieties of cuisines that binds us all.

We would like to thank the parents for their cooperation which enabled the activity achieve desired outcome.