Cyber Crime Intervention Officers appointed

According to a recent study, over half of young people do not inform their parents when they get affected by cyber-crime. From online blackmail, sextortion, cyber bullying, drugs to horrific online suicidal games, there is a constant risk of being a victim due to increasing usage of mobile phones, social network websites and the Internet.

To ensure that Cyber Security becomes a way of life at MRIS-46, Gurugram, five conscientious staff members- Ms. Karuna Jha, Ms. Anita Dasgupta, Ms. Sukhmani Khalpada, Ms. Richa Pahuja and Ms. Naviti Mehra got certified as Cybercrime Intervention Officers after attending a two-day course conducted by Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

They have been given a certificate of course completion and Identity card which identifies them as Cyber Crime Intervention Officers. They are now a part of the National database of Cyber security Officers.

Their role is to now ensure a Cyber Crime Safe School Campus.

Congratulations and Kudos on the initiative!