A journey along The Silk Road

At MRIS-46, Gurugram we believe that education is not just memorizing facts, but an experience. To make learning a joyous experience, ‘A journey along The Silk Road’ activity was organized for the students of Grade 1. This CREST activity gave an opportunity to the little kids to reflect upon and understand the concepts of traditional methods of trading along The Silk Road.

With exotic music playing in the background, classrooms were turned into various countries connected by The Silk Road. Equipped with a map and their ‘native’ merchandise, students travelled together in caravans. They navigated through the Taklamakan desert and stopped at the ‘sarais’ and oasis for rest. The students pretended to be merchants and gave their best shot at trading their goods and products with the other countries.

This simulating and engaging activity not only helped the little learners to understand the concepts of trading but also the importance of the cultural exchange that occurred along The Silk Road.