First Aid Workshop

“Every single person in the world has the capacity to save a life- it is an essential gesture of solidarity. First Aid education should be accessible to all without discrimination.” -Grace Lo

At Manav Rachna, we believe that no child is too little to imbibe essential values and Life Skills. In keeping with the same, we, at MRIS-21C, Faridabad organized a First Aid Workshop for the students of KG on the occasion of World First Aid Day. In an interactive session, the School Doctor explained the significance of First Aid to the children and contents of First Aid Kit. Further, the children were informed about the first aid measures to be taken in case of an injury, fever or burns. They were shown various medical instruments, such as thermometer and stethoscope, and the relevance of these was explained to them. The children were also shown a video on first aid in order to reinforce the concept. The children were also advised to seek help of an adult in case first aid is required.

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