EduTrips are an important part of a students’ life. Not only do they reinforce the concepts learnt, but also are a learning experience in themselves. Keeping the same in mind, we at MRIS 21C, Faridabad took KG kids for a walk around the school as a part of the upcoming Theme ‘Houses and Homes’. The purpose of this EduTrip was to make the children aware of the following:

· Different types of Houses and homes (kutcha house, huts, pucca house, apartments, independent houses, etc.)

· Shapes in houses (eg. doors are rectangular)

· Numbers associated with houses (address)

· Boundary wall, Gate, doors, windows, garage, garden, kitchen garden, etc.

· The purpose of having a boundary wall, gate, grills, two gates, etc.

· Basements, Single-storey and Multi-storey houses, apartments and much more.

These first-hand experiences always help students to grasp concepts taught in the class in an effective way.