Early Years Inter-Clan Quiz

At Manav Rachna, we believe that it is imperative to teach our children about the world that they live in and therefore, at MRIS 21C Faridabad we have regular ‘Know Your World’ sessions for the children of Early Years in order to ensure the same. The children have been learning a lot through these interactive sessions, and to reinforce the learning at school, an Early Years ‘Know Your World’ Inter-Clan Quiz was organized. Teams from all four clans were chosen based on the preliminary quiz sessions and their respective clans cheered for them with sheer excitement. There were 5 rounds with questions based on various topics such as animals, birds, prominent personalities, monuments, logos and national symbols. It was heartening to witness the children participate with enthusiasm and confidence. All clan-teams answered brilliantly, but Air Falcons stole the show with an extra point. The children were lauded for their efforts and are already looking forward to the next quiz.

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