We all agree that Technology has the power to transform how children learn – but walk into some classrooms and you could be forgiven for thinking you were entering a time warp. In Primary Comprehensive Project based Modules comprising Tinkering, Media and Design along with Soft Skills are undertaken. At the very first level, students tinker and throttle their skills to make something new and set up a landmark for the future world. While teaching DT, students are encouraged to explore real-world problems without easy solutions. They are expected to take charge of their own learning, work together in teams rather than individually and understand that there are no “right answers” to the greatest of challenges/problems. It includes “building up” ideas, with few, or no, limits at a stretch during a brainstorming session. This helps reduce fear of failure in the participant (s)/students and encourages the process of input and participation from all. In simple words – physical computing is a process where all the input and output devices work together as a single entity on the direction of a brain like object that could be a microcontroller board of a kind using Sensors, IOT (Internet of Things), Arduino, Raspberry Pi and many more.