MRIS 21C is a happy school and we focus on creating joyful learning experiences for our students throughout the day.

Children of the Early Years are explorers by nature and learn best in a play-based environment; and so our learning spaces are set up, with age-appropriate resources, to support the same. The school follows the unique Learning Center approach, which enables children to explore various real life situations and learn by way of participation in hands-on activities, leading to retention, deeper understanding and ease of application, thereby creating a strong foundation.

Major areas of focus in the Early Years are – Motor Development (Gross and Fine), Eye-Hand Coordination, Language Development, Cognitive Development, along with Life Skills and Socio-Emotional Skills.

A comprehensive and progressive curriculum, comprising of 7 Learning Domains, which aims at giving every child the best possible start in life, enabling them to fulfil their potential, is delivered by experienced and passionate teachers, who understand that each child learns at his/her own pace, thus setting the pace accordingly, yet encouraging each one and ensuring that the overall objectives are achieved.