“WORLD MATHS DAY” Celebrated

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

MRIS, Sector14, Faridabad believes in experiential learning and therefore provide multifarious opportunities to our young brigade in order to strengthen the concepts and extend the learning. To serve the purpose, Grade-7C learners presented an assembly programme on “World Maths Day”. In a world plagued with problems, the problem solvers rise to the occasion. The planning of such a programme on World Maths Day was to not just be a day of maths but to help allay the students’ fears and work to bring them into the fold of those who love the subject. A mind boggling skit was presented by the over- enthusiastic students to present the utility of numeracy and mathematics beyond the classroom i.e. day to day life and experiences. It emphasized that maths is not just an abstract subject. It further exemplified that numeracy shows up in all sort of places and a good understanding of mathematics can help one excel in all walks of life.

An informative quiz opened up the students to an array of questions based on mathematical expressions, rules, numeracy and many more. The facts based on World Maths Day further actualized and authenticated the inception and relevance of this day. The foot tapping group song left the audience introspecting their inhibitions and beliefs related to the subject. The programme came to a crescendo with an informative and eye-opener speech given by the Maths teacher Ms. Meenakshi who unfolded and construed the ways of removing phobia and aversion to mathematics in the learners. Lastly, The Headmistress Ms Minakshi Sharma spoke at length about the importance of being numerate and that mathematics is the cradle of all creations without which the world cannot move an inch.

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