It was a matter of great delight and a wonderful opportunity for young minds to involve themselves in a socio-economic topic of all times and to depict their skills through the virtual platform. So, the students of Grade-5A (Nobel) MRIS-14 Faridabad presented a virtual assembly on the topic “Let’s Celebrate the Farmer – The Feeding Man” with great exuberance.

The students showcased the multifaceted personality of a farmer and introduced farming as a mainstay occupation in our country by emphasizing the origin of farming and its significance. The students could easily depend on their conceptual learning themes and could easily relate to the topic of wider significance, thus enabling themselves to become active participants in the world of tomorrow. The students also stepped into the shoes of a farmer for a day and tried to highlight his activities which require a lot of patience and hard work through an enactment. Their performance really made all of us realize that it is not easy to be a farmer.

The farmer’s job is really very challenging. Thus, the students have made an attempt to breakdown the myths and stereotyping ideologies associated with the pursuit of farming and brought out the unique dimensions of this noble profession. The assembly came to a closure with a stellar dance performance highlighting farming as the main source of joy and happiness.

Ms. Monika Kathuria, Vice Principal ma’am, also graced the event with her presence and cherished the collaborative efforts of all the three main stakeholders: teachers, parents, and students. She also acknowledged the development of research aptitude in the students for their interest in social themes and concerns. Ms. Nidhi Garg, co-scholastic in charge, truly appreciated the efforts of students with her golden words. Her encouraging words boosted the morale of the students to think in innovative ways and to put their ideas to the right use for the betterment of one and all.