Grade I-A students of MRIS-14 Faridabad presented a Virtual Class Assembly on the topic ‘Everybody is special and unique’. The assembly began with thanking the Almighty for always guiding us with the ray of hope. The students enthusiastically presented their learning’s weaved into an interesting story on the numbers. Playing the part of numbers, students spoke about what makes them different and unique with number zero shining like a star at the end as its partnership added more value and made the other number stronger.  They beautifully captured the essence of the story and related the importance of each number with themselves as to what makes them shine out. The little learners spoke about their personal interests, behavior and emotions that make them stand out and give them an edge over the others.

Director Principal of the school, Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa appreciated the performance of all the students and spoke at length about how our differences make us unique and special. The assembly concluded with a mellifluous and gratifying song ‘We are a family’ which glorified the entire virtual space.