Unravelling New Vistas of Information at EPFO

“Awareness is like the Sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”

In order to acquaint students with the manifold career options/diverse opportunities, the Eighth and Ninth Grade students of MRIS-14 were made to visit the Employees’ Provident Fund Office so as to empower them with the nuances of the working of a Government Office. A rendezvous with Mr. Indraj Singh, the Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner, turned fruitful as they were made aware of the functioning of various sections in the building; registering of claims, the Compliance Cell, the EDP Department, the Vigilance Department and so on. Students were also acquainted with the financial jargon and norms of registering for the claims. Addressing the students, he satisfactorily dealt with the students’ queries thereby exhorting them to discover their true potential and invest their best endeavor to reap successful results. Manav Rachna has ceaselessly been instrumental in evolving students’ personality through appropriate exposure to the outside world.

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