Summer Break at Jim Corbett National Park

Embracing the spirit of adventure and love for Nature, the students of Grades VI & VII of Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14, Faridabad welcomed the Summer Break with rejuvenated spirits by participating in the three-day excursion to Jim Corbett National Park. The young gleaming faces in the company of their teachers bid adieu to the blistering heat as they wandered through the enigmatic woods in the Jungle Safari on Day 1, and drowned their worries in the mellifluous notes of the chirruping birds in their visit to Corbett Museum and Corbett House on Day 2 and 3.

Breaking away from the routine course of learning, the itinerary was designed to inculcate the collaborative, leadership and problem solving skills in the students. Aided by highly experienced instructors, the effervescent learners gained exposure to many challenging tasks testing their physical strength and ability to think on their feet. The excitement was palpable in the air as students tried their hands on rope-climbing, balance walk, cargo net and tyre crossing on Day 2 with great gusto.

Recreational activities such as Zorb and Rocking Bull made the green fields echo with the rings of laughter. As the warmth of the Bonfire doused the exhaustion of the day, the students and the teachers indulged in a mirthful session of Music and Dance each night, celebrating the memories that emblazoned every heart with resounding joy.

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