Special Assembly on Tolerance

Compassion and Tolerance are not the sign of weakness but the sign of strength”

Grade V G of the school chose to stage the most appropriate topic “Tolerance and Acceptance” as they believe that Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.

In an endeavor to bring forth an overview of the bullying incidents, the assembly began with a skit depicting the repercussions of negative attitude towards others. This was further emphasized by the poem ‘A Distinct Identity’, which emphasized on accepting the people as they are without any criticism.

This was followed by a mellifluous song which brought forth the message that to accept someone is to show respect for and validation of who they are, what they do and for the life they choose to live.

The way humans are living is tremendously destructive towards nature. The next dance performance depicted the same idea.  All the performances were every bit exquisite and therefore bagged applaud of all.

 The Vice Principal, Ms. Monika Kathuria appreciated the efforts of the children and enthused the audience to practice three key words, ‘tolerance, acceptance and patience’.