Red Day for Toddlers

Colours play a vital role in a child’s life right from the time a child is born, They get fascinated by colours and shapes. ‘Red’ colour being the focus of the week, MRIS-Sector 14, Faridabad designed its curriculum in such a way that it enabled its children to experiment a wide range of activities related to red colour. The day was marked as ‘Red Day’ for Toddlers. The centre incharge and the students spoke about ‘Red Colour’. Children seemed like blooming flowers in their red outfits tapping their feet on rhymes like: Red is an apple, five little apples, aha tamatar, wash the apples and many more.

The highlight of the day was “Paint me red” activity, where kids were totally engrossed in painting various red colour objects like: apple, cherry, rose, balloon, watermelon, santa cap, lady bug and many more. They also relished red colour food in their lunch and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities as it enhanced their creative skills and vocabulary. It was an excellent learning experience for the toddlers as it also enhanced their colour discrimination.

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