Nukkad Natak by Primary Wing Teachers

“Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our nation.”

The quote specifies the importance of our national language in all ways but it’s been losing its essence with the trending modernization and digitalization of the society. In an effort to teach the beauty of the language, The Hindi subject teachers of Primary wing presented a very meaningful Nukkad Natak for the students of Grade I-III.

“Passion ,energy, creativity, freedom to perform under the open skies without the constraints of a stage, and a platform to voice your concerns and spread awareness, that’s what NUKKAD is all about.” This Nukkad Natak, consisted of words, expressions and reached straight to the hearts of the audience. The play revolved around the importance and the correct usage of each matra in the language. The students enjoyed the show thoroughly and were left spellbound with the mesmerizing performance of their teachers. The astounding efforts of the teachers were appreciated by the Vice Principal Ms. Monika Kathuria.