New Year celebrated at Prabhat (NGO)

As young heralds of boundless bliss and cheer, the students of Grade IX of MRIS-14 in collaboration with Rotary Club ‘Altruism’ paid a visit to Prabhat, an NGO devoted to the cause of providing basic health and educational support and assistance to the differently abled, underprivileged children and senior citizens.

Books, notebooks, crayons, clothes, toys, shoes and other winter necessities brought joy in the languid eyes of the pupils. An array of activities was organized to make the interaction lively wherein the students were engaged in card making, colouring, assembling cutouts and many more activities. While preparing beautiful cards, the room was abuzz with not only the cut-outs of crisp pastel colours in vivid hues but also a hearty banter amongst the children who shared their excitement about creating something new. The young students of MRIS-14 turned into patient caregivers as they guided the children with special needs with commendable sensitivity through the various fun-filled activities.

All the scholars unanimously admitted that they would never forget the joy that they attained while participating in the celebrations that marked the beginning of the new year.