Mysteries of Space Unfolded through Theme Presentation

The morning was just set right when the Grade 2A and 2B students of MRIS-14, Faridabad gave a theme based presentation on the topic “Spectrum of Cosmos”, which paved a way for their fellows to rejuvenate their spirits, remain rooted, explore the universe and unleash their vitality. The well planned assembly gave each child an opportunity and platform to display their talents. Guided by their mentors, the presentation started on a refreshing note with a meaningful thought of the day. This was followed by the subject enrichment activities with a beautiful song on rainbow which included an acronym of VIBGYOR. The enactment of meaningful experiments gave students a good insight into the fundamentals of cosmos.

The audience was really delighted to see the little ones walking up to the stage in their beautiful attires impersonating the astronauts who came along in their innocent dramatization. The children were totally fascinated to get to know about various astronomers who dedicated their lives to study the stars, planets and galaxies. Their contributions and achievements made a great impact on the world we live in. The presentation included a dance performance on Planets of solar system which was enjoyed well by the audience. Thereafter, as a part of enrichment activity, the presentation concluded with an interesting quiz to tickle the brains and to boggle the minds of the little ones. The assembly concluded with the address by Co-Scholastic Incharge, Ms. Nidhi Garg.