Students get an exceptional Career Insight in USA

‘A child is a divine gift of God. The greatest power that man can endow his progeny with -is Education’.

Manav Rachna International School through its International linkages has always justified the meaning and spirit of its motto “Global Perspective Indian Values”. As a part of this, 23 students and 2 teachers experienced an educational tour to the East Coast, USA recently.


They had the unique opportunity to embark upon a fun-filled tour of NASA which incorporated the life-changing experiences. Exploring further, they landed in Orlando where wonders awaited them. After a lively day at the Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, the students went on to visit the Kennedy Space Centre. The shuttle launch experiences and interactions with a real-life astronaut were real eye-openers.

It was a lifetime opportunity to induce the spark to acquire knowledge about Astronomy. The launch pads as a historic spots where from the Astronauts took off in rockets to mark history were viewed by them. They witnessed the space suits and various equipments used in space along with the models of various types of rockets used in the past. The video recordings on the life of astronauts in Space and the first man on moon were truly outstanding and inspiring. The view of the two space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis was eye opening.


Besides this, the visit to The White house, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, World War II Memorial, the adventurous Sea World, and The National Mall was really exemplary. The Museums in Washington – Smithsonian, Spy museum, National Geographic, National Archives etc were enlightening and informative. The tour of the New York City and the Times Square mesmerized everyone. Taking the lead in the visits, the team also had first-hand exposure to NYC Stock Exchange, Wall Street, UN Headquarter, and they attended a General Assembly Session. Another add on to their travel was visit to MIT Campus and Berklee College of Music. This gave them an opportunity to attend workshops on robotics and climate change at Harvard University.


Overall, this tour was an overwhelming and enlightening experience for the students as well as teachers. Such trips help broaden the spectrum of a child’s dreams and develop in them eagerness towards technological advancement beyond their realms.

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