Mris-14 Faridabad Hosted ‘One Step Towards Blessed Future’


MRIS-14 Faridabad hosted ‘ONE STEP TOWARDS BLESSED FUTURE’- an initiative to activate 21st century learners to inculcate the value of responsible global citizenship, develop empathy and compassion and get inspired to make positive changes in enormous ways initiating from their closest vicinity to gradually moving towards the world around them.

On the successful completion and accomplishment of Annual Projects as an intricate part of the school curriculum, which is closely aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the school once again proved itself an active and powerful agent in promoting a peaceful, healthy and equitable world. The presentation’s focal points were ‘No Poverty Zero Hunger’, ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’ and ‘Life on Land.’ The event saw young participants from Grades I,  II and III putting up many participatory exhibits comprising innovative working models, investigation based projects, theme-based role plays, mesmerizing songs and dance performances, enriching interactive sessions, etc. They put forth intriguing models, activities and games that beautifully revealed their firm understanding and knowledge about their respective annual projects. Multifarious models like that of solar energy and water harvesting were captivating and raised one’s curiosity. The exhibits by the students were indeed eye-openers on various topics like poverty, malnutrition, unsafe water, etc. The ‘litmus test’ was another highlight of the presentation which was demonstrated by the students successfully. The innovative way to promote gardening was revealed to all intriguing eyes in an enchanting corner aptly titled- The Vertical Garden.

Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Bijender Bansal, Special Correspondent, Dainik Jagran, State Bureau, Faridabad and Executive Director, MRIS-14, Ms. Deepika Bhalla were left dazzled and captivated to see how students could easily explain such varied and profound concepts like ‘micro beed plastic’ with an in-depth understanding and knowledge. The presentation got wrapped up with immense appreciation and applause by the head of the institutions, parents and other curious visitors.

The school has always taken pride in emerging out as a torchbearer in varied areas related to sustainable development goals. From clean environment by saying ‘No to plastic bags’ (Mission Vasundhara) to installing solar panels and water harvesting models in the school premises, to propagating ‘Ek Mutti Dan’, the school has actively involved itself already in an array of positive steps towards ensuring a better and sustainable future for all.

The values and skills developed as a part of the learning which occurred during the entire learning process are innumerable and of great significance, as it is these lessons which will stay intact and galvanize them into taking action by contributing their a bit towards the society as responsible global citizens. Irina Bokova, former Director-General of UNESCO very rightly said, “There is no more powerful transformative force than education- to promote human rights and dignity, to eradicate poverty and deepen sustainability, to build a better future for all, founded on equal rights and social justice, respect for cultural diversity, and international solidarity and shared responsibility, all of which are fundamental aspects of our common humanity.” MRIS-14 too pledges to carry forward this noble responsibility and legacy with bold commitment and conviction in the days to come.

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