Learning Beyond the Boundaries

“Learning grows with age and strengthens with experience.’’

Under the community service programme, initiated by Dr. O. P. Bhalla Foundation, Manav Rachna International School, 14 provided a platform to facilitate mothers and grandparents in learning English language and acquiring computer skills in a congenial environment. Kicking off with the three sessions of ‘Speak Easy Programme’ in the past, this year also a number of parents and grandparents turned up to utilize the opportunity to get updated with the basics of English language. In sequel to the third phase, fourth phase has been organized from May 21, 2018 to May 31, 2018 in the school premises with the modest approach of building a well-read society.

A plethora of activities were organized and conducted to spruce up effective communication among the learners that included vocabulary building, role play, JAM, pair talk etc. This one hour programme enabled the participants to develop confidence and speak fluently. The august gathering acquired all the linguistic skills like Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening that proved beneficial and constructive.

‘Computer literacy programme’ aimed at enriching the participants with the use of technology for their everyday errands. Participants were taught along with hands-on experience of internet navigation, sending e-mail, texting, using storage devices like pen drives, digital cameras, and many other android applications on mobiles.

All the mothers and the grandparents went through diverse inquisitiveness during the learning process which was followed by a procedural understanding of the concepts. The transaction of the researched material was done smoothly that co-related the minds of the learners with their efficiency at the system. Emphasizing upon the need of the computers, the workshop also proved beneficial to the participants in sorting out their regular chores, paying bills, net surfing etc.

Mrs. Mamta Wadhwa, Principal of the school felicitated all the participants with certificates of appreciation on the successful completion of the programme.

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