‘Jovial Ranch’- A Farm Event

The grounds of MRIS-14, Faridabad echoed as the birds chirped, cow mooed, goats bleated and horse neighed at ‘Jovial Ranch’- a farm event organized to give first-hand experience to the little ones of Bloomz and  Toddlers, as it is believed that they learn more by observing. The kids were awestruck as they saw various farm animals in their school ground. It looked like a mini farm with sheds, coop, sty, rabbits … hopping here and there, goose and birds chirping happily. Children giggled and copied as the cow or goats made sound. They also fed these animals. They were all the more excited as most of them had heard of or seen these animals and birds in their story books only.

The students rocked the stage with foot tapping numbers and also shared interesting facts about different animals and insects. Parents enthusiastically captured these moments as it was a proud moment for them to see their kids perform so confidently on stage without any inhibition.

The children took their parents around sharing information about the animals and birds. They also enjoyed camel and horse ride. It was an experiential and interactive learning for the kids.

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