Inter School RoadSafety Quiz

“Road safety is a state of mind whereas accident is an absence of mind” – the choice is yours!

To create awareness about Road safety, an Inter-School Road Safety Quiz for Grades I-IX was conducted in school.  Taking lead in this direction, the students realized the importance of road safety as their first priority. The road safety quiz came as an eye opener with relevant questions pertaining to traffic rules. Pondering over this pertinent issue of road safety, and security of thousand lives, this initiative has driven the students to think wisely before they act on roads. The School acted as a rostrum for providing this opportunity to the students to grow intellectually and become morally upright citizen in the realm of road safety. This initiative gave an insight to the students to reflect upon their actions and ensure road safety for all.

It is rightly said, “Speed thrills, but kills” and the trauma of the accident leaves an indelible print in the minds of people. We at MRIS-14 believe in “Safety First” is “Safety Always.” As a part of MREI, we encourage students to become responsible citizens by shaping their behavior and attitude towards road safety.

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