HURRAY!!!!! IT’S Pyjama Time

Time for stories and some fun, join me now everyone!

We’ll sleep until the dawn, it’s time to put our Pyjamas on!!

Daily routines can establish important habits such as getting up early, brushing, bathing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bedtime stories and sleeping on time etc. They aid in child’s emotional, cognitive and social development too. To educate the students about the significance of daily routine, Pyjama Party was organised for Nursery students which is a part of our current theme ‘THIS IS ME’. Children were thrilled with the novelty of wearing their pyjamas to school and carrying their favourite toys. This pyjama party was an amalgamation of various activities like watching a movie, dancing on their favourite numbers, interesting bedtime stories for the kids to enjoy. Children were happy to share their party food and toys with each other. Students loved doing pyjama art wherein they made the colourful pyjama and T-shirt, and decorated in their own in a special way. It was an opportunity to create a great atmosphere to connect learning with frolic and fun at school.The pyjama party was one joyous memory to cherish!!!

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