Fitness Week

“Fit is not a destination; it is a way of life.”

So exercise to be FIT and eat to be HEALTHY!!

Fitness is important to all of us and we, as adults, tend to ignore its importance. It is imperative that right fitness habits are inculcated in our younger ones. With this motive in mind, MRIS-14, Faridabad organized its week long fitness celebrations for Early Years. The week started with an energy packed aerobics session where the Nursery and KG children put their most fit self forward. The little ones were filled with energy and excitement as they learnt how to blend exercise with music. During the week, the children also participated in yoga which showed them ways to be physically and mentally fit. The fit little kids also enjoyed playing traditional games like ‘Fire in the mountain’, ‘I sent a letter’, ‘Dog in the bone’, etc. which filled them with excitement and energy. Activities like Fun races and march-past further engaged the children and taught them team spirit and discipline, the two main prerequisites for success on the sports field. Along with the activities, the children were also encouraged to eat healthy, laying emphasis on the nutritive value and the importance of a well balanced meal. To inculcate healthy eating habits in children, a menu was also designed according to the dietary needs of green vegetables and fruits of the little ones.  The fitness week culminated with the little ones realizing that being healthy can be fun, when done regularly as a form of play.