Fire Fighting and Safety Training’ for support staff

It is possible to reduce the threat of fire to people and property by teaching everyone to work together in critical situations. Keeping this in mind, the support staff i.e. drivers, conductors, housekeeping staff and the security guards of MRIS-14, Faridabad were provided Fire Fighting and Safety Training. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Parasram of Walson Security Services.

The support staff was briefed about various types of fire and the reasons of occurrence. They were also guided on how to handle fire hydrants and fire cylinder. A live demo was given involving the staff members wherein, fire cylinders and hose reels were also used. They were also taught to give first aid. It was indeed a very beneficial training as they can be the savior for anyone, anywhere anytime. With proper training, they can eliminate fire hazards, response quickly and efficiently if a fire breaks out, saving many lives.

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