EY Headmistress facilitated as the Master Trainer

EY Headmistress facilitated as the Master Trainer

“Bring a change in yourself, to see a change in the society

Society is from you and you are from the society”

We believe that our individual strength often reflects the strength of our community and connections. With this belief to create civic consciousness among the people ‘Municipal Corporation of Faridabad’ is on the mission of making Faridabad a smart city, wherein the first initiative is waste management followed by various issues. As per Shri. Yashpal Yadavji, no city can grow and achieve its goal without the support of each and every citizen. We are glad to share that our Early Years Headmistress Ms. Meena Khanna has been selected and felicitated by the commissioner, MCF Shri. Yashpal Yadavji as the master trainer.

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