Deserts are not a barren and lifeless thing anymore



Grade – II students at MRIS- 14, Faridabad proved this by presenting a wonderful assembly on their Paragon journey of North America precisely the Deserts of Southwest. The show began by setting the ‘CHAMPS’, an effective and operational tool used by the teachers at MRIS. The students explicated the different states and ancient tribes in the map of Southwest. The audiences met the ancient puebloan family that elucidated the ancient Proverbs, their way of living, their food, crops, animals, pottery and different type of houses they used to live in. The parents were also amazed to perceive that Desert had so much to offer which most of them were not aware of. Thus it was not a learning experience for the students alone but also for the parents.

The entry of our both the Paragon friends of the unit ‘RAINCLOUD’ and ‘LITTLE FOX’ who described everything about their culture and ancient tradition startled the audiences. They enjoyed the presentation and could not stop themselves from tapping their feet on the Tribal Dance along with the kids. The whole atmosphere was captivated with an ecstatic feeling. The presentation concluded  with an activity where parents relished the ‘Pottery Sketch Activity’ wherein, they tried their hand on painting the thermocol plates in a way the ancient puebloans used to create. They all enjoyed and appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the kids.

2018-12-08T17:40:51+00:00September 3rd, 2014|Latest @ MRIS Faridabad Sector 14|