Coffee Morning for Early Years

MRIS-14, Faridabad welcomed its new session parents to a tete-a-tete session over a warm cuppa as it conducted its first Coffee Morning Session for Early Years. The interactive day reinforced among parents, the ‘Manav Rachna’ pedagogy and philosophy.

The session reiterated the importance of holistic development of children along with enhancing their academic caliber. Issues related to teaching learning at home were discussed too. The parents in attendance were able to address their concerns. They were guided on how to make learning fun for children. They shared their own experiences derived from observing and facilitating children at different learning centres. The parents were encouraged to involve themselves in different activities to bring down their inhibitions and to understand the psychology of their children better.

The theme mapping for the first theme of Kindergarten- ‘All About Me’ was also discussed along with other important topics like clans, Integrated Learning approach, UNSDGs, etc.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for all those who attended this session and their lovely feedback spoke ample about their fulfilling experience.