A Fun Filled Pajama Party

Arriving at school in their relaxing sleep wear with their favourite toy and favourite food, Nursery students of MRIS-14, Faridabad were exhilarated for their fun packed Pajama Party. Stories, movies, pillow fights, games, dance and chats, all were the highlights of this thrilling pajama party.

The regular morning routine at school was replaced with a series of special activities including mattress games, bedtime stories where they could play and dance in their jimmies!! Introducing and cuddling their favourite buddy, sharing their feelings for their buddy with their friends delighted them. Little happy faces were really excited to dance with their favourite toy and friends. Their eyes sparkled when they saw their yummy food which they enjoyed with Santa movie.

The cheerful faces and their sunny smiles showed that they all had a good time at the ‘Pajama Party’.