Happy Students at Manav Rachna International School – Faridabad Charmwood

Rohan Pillai of
IX Gauss

MRIS-Charmwood shares his experience of online classes being conducted by the school and how much he enjoys studying his favorite subject, Hindi.

Driti Lowe,
Grade VIII-Kalam

MRIS-Charmwood speaking about her fruitful learning experience of online classes conducted by the school.

Atharv Sharma,
Grade IV (Antarctic Ocean)

MRIS Charmwood misses going to school. However, he really enjoys the online classes & is grateful to all his hardworking teachers as well as the school for making virtual learning enjoyable and meaningful!

Darshika Bhoktiari of
Grade IV (Arctic Ocean)

MRIS-Charmwood speaks about how much she enjoys her online classes and is grateful to her teachers for teaching her and her classmates so diligently.

Vatsal Batta,
Grade XI

MRIS, Charmwood thanks his teachers for organizing online classes during this time of crisis.