‘Sparkle 2018’ by Nursery

The confident stars of Toddlers and Nursery at MRIS, Charmwood participated in “Sparkle 2018” — a programme that showcased their skills and learning at school. The children sang, danced, spoke, enacted with great confidence and left the audience spellbound with their amazing performances that covered GES themes like It’s Yummy, Dressing up, Amazing Animals and Wonderful World of Water.

The students presented a dance on the yesteryear’s’ song “Ek Chidiya”, enchanted the audience with a beautifully synchronized ribbon dance, and had fun jiving on the peppy song “We are going on a bear hunt”. Toddlers stole the hearts of audience with their cute performances like “Pete the cat” and “Churmura”.

Principal, MRIS Charmwood, Ms Arpita Chakraborty lauded the students for their brilliant performances and thanked the parents for their support. She also awarded each class with team certificates for excelling at art, dancing, singing, exploring and speaking.

Ms Gunjan Sharma, Headmistress, Early Years and Ms Shahzadi Aggarwal, Academic Coordinator, Early Years, thanked the students and teachers for their brilliant effort and the parents for their enthusiasm and cooperation.