Nursery Orientation and Spectrum

The parents of students studying in Nursery attended an Orientation session in the school recently. This session was conducted by Ms Shahzadi Aggarwal, Academic Coordinator, Early Years and Ms Meesha Sikka, Pre-primary teacher. The parents were informed about the practices and procedures being followed in school. This was followed by a rhyme session conducted by Ms Gunjan Sharma, Headmistress, Early Years.

The second part of the day was dedicated to “Spectrum” which was held in the classrooms. Parents appreciated the beautiful work done by children across all learning domains.
The day ended with a PEC session, whereby the parents were apprised of the progress made by their children.

Picture captions:

1. Ms. Gunjan Sharma, Headmistress, Early Years conducted an energetic rhyme session.
2. A Parent Educator Conference in progress.
3. A grandparent admires all the wonderful work done by his granddaughter and her classmates.
4. Heart-felt feedback keeps us going.
5. Early Years teacher Ms. Meesha Sikka discusses all the work done by students in her classroom.
6. Parents catch a glimpse of all the beautiful displays.