Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth will find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
To foster love for nature in children, the future bearers of the world, it becomes important to give them an opportunity to appreciate it. With the same in purview, the students of MRIS, Charmwood came forward to showcase their adoration of Mother Earth and sent across strong messages through their posters on the occasion of #EarthDay.
The students presented wondrous pieces of art filled with beauty, need to change and hope for a better future. The posters showcased marvels of nature, bright colours and powerful slogans etcetera filled with magnificence and hope for all.
The parents appreciated the effort of the school and helped their children complete the activity with the best possible resources. The students also presented their ideas on how the current situation can be dealt with more responsibly by acting as guardians to nature during times of need.
The students further made a promise to take full care of the #MotherEarth as they very well acknowledge the fact that our very existence, essence, health and happiness depends on it.