Celebrating the beautiful canvas of India with ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’

As part of the culmination of the GES theme “Festivals, food and clothing”, the students and teachers of KG at MRIS Charmwood participated in “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara” — an event which showcased the confluence of different Indian states including Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, Gujarat and Haryana and their cultures. Each KG class dressed up in the clothes of a particular state and brought food accordingly.

The teachers and students from each class — dressed up in beautiful ethnic clothes — presented lively dances and vibrant ramp walks. In the classrooms, the students and teachers decorated the class according to the state and depicted the culture of that particular area with artefacts as well as food.

Thus, the guests got the opportunity to taste Punjabi delicacies like “Kadhi chawal”, “Sarson ka saag”, “Makki ki roti”, Bengali sweets like “Rasgullas”, “Mishti Doi”, “Sandesh”, Kashmiri “Kahwa”, Gujarati “Dhokla” and “Khandvi”, “Idli”, “Vada” and “Sambhar” from Kerala and “Bajre ki roti” and “Saag” from Haryana.

The event highlighted the beautiful clothes, culture, food and traditions of India, all beautifully woven into each other. The children got the wonderful and unique opportunity to experience the vibrant hues of their country.