Students Participated in India Calling- Inter School Competition

“India Calling” is an annual event organized by MRIS-46, Gurugram. This year, it was celebrated on the theme- “Dharohar – Reviving the Lost Indian Heritage’. The students of Grades VI to X of MRIS, Charmwood participated on the second day of the event, which exhibited events  like- “Unchhuyi kavitao ka Swar”- lesser known poems by poets of colonial India, Kalasmriti –Indian folk art that are almost extinct and Nukkad Natak – street play on lost Indian culture and how to revive the same.

Students participating in Kalasmriti provided us a sneak peek into the lost art form of Kalighat Painting. Nukkad Natak students charmed the audience with their performance, skills and enthusiasm while reminding us of the glorious Indian heritage that is slowly waning away in the face of fast paced urban life and how to keep alive those traditions.

The students of Grade VI mesmerised the audience and judges with their performance on one of the most beautiful compositions of Rabindranath Tagore – Momo Chitte Niti Nritye. The English translation of the poem was recited while the original Bengali song and its Hindi translation were beautifully sung by the students.

The recitation helped the MRIS, Charmwood students bag the Third position in the category- “Unchhuyi kavitao ka Swar”.

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